Academic Freedom in the „Other Europe“

Panel Discussion with Ayse Caglar, Janos Matyas Kovacs, Ivan Kurilla, Balazs Trencsenyi

Universities are under threat in a number of countries both in and outside of the European Union. Panel participants will discuss the ways in which illiberal regimes in three countries (Hungary, Russia and Turkey) seek to cope with the fact that they are facing academic institutions that emerged under more permissive conditions and that insist on their legal and cultural autonomy. They will focus on the roots and logic of such conflicts between universities and governments in the recent past rather than indulging in descriptions of current political struggles.


Ayse Caglar, Professor of Anthropology, University of Vienna
Janos Matyas Kovacs, Permanent Fellow, IWM
Ivan Kurilla, Professor of History, European University Saint Petersburg
Balazs Trencsenyi, Professor of History, Central European University

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