Diversity and Welfare States

Call for Papers for a Special Issue of "Societies". Deadline: November 1, 2019

In recent years, a number of empirical studies have tested the hypothesis that ethnic, racial, or immigration-generated diversity is negatively associated with support for redistribution and/or national welfare states. The majority of this research has been cross-national in design and provided little evidence of a link. However, results from country case studies suggest a negative relationship. A country case study can be understood as the study of a single country for the purpose of better understanding a phenomenon in a larger group of countries. The aim of this Special Issue is to build on insights generated by case studies of the United States, Sweden, and Germany by investigating the relationship between diversity and the welfare state in other countries and, ideally, regions of the world.

This Special Issue seeks contributions that do any of the following: assess within-country variation in diversity and welfare attitudes; study change in within-country diversity and welfare attitudes; investigate effects associated with specific events; and/or analyze mechanisms theoretically responsible for this relationship. Papers that make innovative use of new data sources and focus on a country outside of North America and Western Europe are especially welcome.

Dr. Maureen A. Eger
Guest Editor

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