Deadline: 20.01.2022

Looking at Language to Reveal Opportunities and Threats in the Global Village

Call for Papers for an International Conference in Nairobi, Kenya, on June 15–17, 2022. Deadline: January 20, 2022

About RC25

RC25 Language & Society is a research committee of the International Sociological Association. The objective of the Research Committee on Language and Society is to advance sociological knowledge concerning language in interaction and in systems of representation. Members are united by the desire to look at language rather than through systems of communication.

About Kenyatta University

KU is one of the leading universities in Kenya, and indeed in the East African region. The university boasts of being the largest in the country in terms of student enrollment. The students are enrolled in both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes hosted by different schools. The university is a hub of innovation and research.

Conference Scope and Aim

The promise of globalization and Internet based technologies has always been the shrinking of the world into an interconnected global village. However, the achievement of this promise is dodged between an ever-expanding asymmetrical access to resources between regions, races and genders. Moreover, current political and socio-economic systems are deeply rooted in historical discourses of rejection and discrimination of the ,other’ and the hoarding of resources for ,self’. Therefore, the institutionalized inequalities created by hegemonic colonial architecture in previous centuries are still alive and well in the present. These have evolved into normative neocolonial systems that clearly do not serve the interests of the majority in the touted global village. Indeed, the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed just how easy it is to spread disease, conspiracy theories and misinformation globally, and, yet, how painfully slow it is to distribute life- saving technologies, cures and vaccines even when they are in surplus supply to some. This suggests that the term ,global village’ is a misnomer. At this crossroad between the promise of globalization and the threat posed to societies by the current model of globalization, this conference aims to foster multidisciplinary scholarly discourse by accepting submissions that look at language to reveal historical and modern asymmetries in society. It is hoped that the conference will be an opportunity for linguists, sociologists, historians, political scientists, anthropologists and other social scientists to reflect on the opportunities and threats that globalization, free market, migration and the Internet present to social institutions, and, by extension, to the identities of individuals and societies.


  • Language and knowledge systems – traditional and modern (e.g. religion, medicine etc.)
  • Language and the law
  • Language and the new media
  • Language and power
  • Languages in contact
  • Language and transnationalism
  • Language and identity
  • Language planning and policy
  • Language and health issues ( e.g. the COVID-19 pandemic)
  • Language and gender
  • Language and neocolonial realities
  • Language and conflict

English is the official communication language for the conference. However, the conference will welcome presentations in Kiswahili on the above subthemes.

Submission process We invite paper proposals that are tied to any of the aforementioned broad subthemes. The proposals should include the title of presentation and a short 250-300 words abstract, accompanied by 4-5 keywords. The submission should be made online at the following page:

If you experience trouble with the online submission system, please write to: rc25event(at) The Scientific Committee will review the abstracts and notify participants of acceptance.

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