Digital Technologies in the COVID-19-Pandemic. A Transnational Dialogue between Germany and Japan

Online Conference on March 14–18, 2022

14. - 18. März 2022
Organisator: Ruhr-Universität Bochum

Digital technologies such as health-related mobile apps, digital contact tracing, vaccination certificates or quarantine surveillance measures are playing a major role in the COVID-19-Pandemic. The interdisciplinary online conference TechCo draws on the current situation as an opportunity to initiate a transnational and interdisciplinary exchange on the relevance of digital technologies in this situation. Aim is to involve young scholars from Germany and Japan in a culturally sensitive dialogue to discuss social challenges regarding the use of technologies in the COVID-19-Pandemic and to develop ethical recommendations and solutions.

The online conference is focussing on the following questions: How is the use of digital technologies socio-culturally situated and what are the moral boundaries of acceptable technologies?

Goal is to shed light on the possibilities and limits of the social and ethical permissibility of digital technologies in the pandemic and to identify practically relevant fields of conflict. There will be four workshops as part of the conference. The main topics are:

  • Social Relevance and Ethical Challenges of Digital Technologies  
  • Interdisciplinary Approaches to Technology Critique  
  • National Discourses and Transnational Dialogue on Digital Technologies  
  • Ways towards a Post-Corona-Society?

The online conference addresses early-stage researchers (advanced PhD Students/Postdocs) from Germany and Japan from different fields of science such as social science, philosophy, ethics, computer sciences and medicine to discuss the relevance of digital technologies in the COVID-19-Pandemic.

Dr. Dennis Krämer (dennis.kraemer-u9b(at)rub.de)
Ruhr-University Bochum
Institute for Medical Ethics and History of Medicine
Markstr. 258a
44799 Bochum, Germany


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