Migration, Education, Development, Labour and the State

International Workshop Online and in Vienna, Austria

31. März - 01. April 2022
Organisator: Universität Wien
Veranstaltungsort: Universität Wien

This International Workshop, the second in our Research Project (FWF/Austrian Science Fund): "Entanglements between Cuba and the German Democratic Republic: mobilities, exchanges, circulations within the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance" ( puts a focus on situations of intense entanglement between migration and education. Both notions are understood in a large sense: migration including temporary migration, education including all-sided education - to a citizen of a certain type, to a certain "civilized" behaviour - beyond formalized education or training. In this wide understanding, potentially enter all forms of educational and of labour migration. The State (or International Organization or Non-State Organization or Party) enters as a provider of all-sided education. We are interested in situations in which the intervention of such institutional actors targets (temporary) migrants, in which migration is seen as a chance for transforming the individual. We also ask for educational and "civilizing" concepts put into motion through migration. We focus on organized - framed by States or organizations - and temporary forms of migration. The time focus is the post-colonial era, the period of system competition, with a special zoom into the Socialist World System. As we favour comparative approaches, we may also integrate flash-backs into anterior periods featuring formative elements for the scrutinized constellations of Migration, Education, Labour and the State.


For reasons of planning security, we plan a virtual conference. If we are not haunted by restricting regulations concerning newly emerging variants of the pandemic, we may consider a presence meeting at the University of Vienna.



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