A Case-Study of ‘Socio-Genetic Understanding’: Robbins on Bourdieu, 1970-2017

A BSA Bourdieu Study Group Workshop Supported by the Institute of Inequalities (LSE)

Speakers Include: Yusef Bakkali (University of Sussex), Ray Campbell, Stephanie Lacey (University Campus Barnsley), Lisa Mckenzie (Middlesex University), Nirmal Puwar (Goldsmiths), Diane Reay (LSE), Derek Robbins (UEL), Marco Santoro (University of Bologna), Mike Savage (LSE)

The BSA Bourdieu Study Group is delighted to announce that it will be hosting a special workshop in honour of Derek Robbins entitled: “Robbins on Bourdieu, 1970-2017, A case-study of ‘socio-genetic understanding’”. This workshop is supported by the Institute of Inequalities (LSE). The workshop will explore the development of Derek Robbins’s predisposition to study the work of Bourdieu, and his early encounters with Bourdieu. It will argue that all intellectual works should be understood by reference to their contexts of production rather than in terms of predefined, abstracted disciplinary discourses and offer paradigmatic example of the reflexive response to Bourdieu recommended for all participants.

The day will be divided into five sessions: Methodological presentation, Robbins and Bourdieu up to 1990, Robbins and Bourdieu, 1990-2002, Robbins and Bourdieu, 2002 to the present. The final session will consider Robbins’ attempts after Bourdieu’s death to treat the transmission of his work as a case-study of the international transfer of social science concepts, first in respect of Franco-British transfer and then in respect of occidental-oriental transfer. This analysis involves an application of socio-genetic understanding and, as such, runs counter to the increasing tendency to appropriate Bourdieu’s work for an international sociological discourse.

For any inquiries related to this workshop, please contact organiser Jenny Thatcher (Lancaster) j.thatcher(at)lancaster.ac(dot)uk and Laura Bentley (UWE) laura2.bentley(at)live.uwe.ac(dot)uk

Further Information and Registration (Link)