Artificial Intelligence and its Impact on Tomorrow’s World

Interdisciplinary Workshop

Current developments surrounding the digitalization of society, especially in the field of “Artificial Intelligence” (AI), have the potential to fundamentally transform the society. The ongoing and expectable developments impacting virtually every part of society are characterized by high dynamics of change. In view of such developments, science and scholarship must address the following questions: 

  • What are the opportunities and risks arising from an increasingly digitalized society?
  • In which way is AI already embedded in our life and what future developments can be expected?
  • Which future technical and societal scenarios are realistic?
  • How can the scientific communities assume joint responsibility in areas such as security, private sphere, or social justice?
  • How can science shape future developments and provide society with expert-informed guidance?
  • And last but not least: What sort of future do we want to live in?

These and other pressing questions cannot be answered from within the boundaries of single disciplines. The workshop brings together scientists from the engineering and social sciences for an interdisciplinary discussion of issues concerning Artificial Intelligence and its future impact on society.

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