Categories, Transformations and Exchanges

Economic Sociology Midterm Conference in Warsaw, September 7–9, 2020

Economic sociology studies how economic decisions are socially embedded. Economic sociologists study social processes on all levels of analysis. Thanks to this line of research, we know more about transformations in social life at micro, meso or macro level. Economic sociology focuses on socially defined categories, social-political institutions, practices, relations and the ways economic actors use such socially defined tools for coping with reality so that they can be seen as a tool that enables and simultaneously restricts agency. For economic sociology, one of the most interesting forms of social action are exchanges because they embed and reproduce social relations and institutions, facilitate economic processes and outcomes.

The ESA Research Network 09 Economic Sociology Mid-Term Conference is going to be held in Warsaw, one of the largest cities of Eastern Europe, a region that recently went through large-scale transformation from a planned economy to a free-market one. The region became the laboratory for neo-liberal experiments which influenced the labor market, industrial relations, the social- institutional embeddedness of the economy and the way other areas of social and political life are organized.

Conference program: May 2020

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