"Cinema/Ideology/Criticism" 1969-2019: Politics of Form, Forms of Politics

International Symposium

Published the year after the May ’68 revolts, Jean-Louis Comolli and Jean Narboni’s editorial for Cahiers du cinéma, “Cinema/Idéologie/Critique” (“Cinema/Ideology/Criticism”) landed like a bombshell in the French film criticism landscape. Initiating a furious half-decade of politically engaged critical activity within the journal, “Cinema/Ideology/Criticism” passed into the film studies canon, both in France and internationally. The impending 50th anniversary of Comolli/Narboni’s editorial prompts us to re-read and interrogate the article both within a contemporary cultural context, and in the framework of a longer, transnational tradition of political aesthetics. This conference will bring together an international selection of scholars to collectively revisit one of the landmark texts in the history of film theory.

Jean-Louis Comolli (per Video)
Thomas Elsaesser
Philip Rosen
Jane Gaines
Francesco Casetti
Dudley Andrew
and many more

Organized by Daniel Fairfax (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt, fairfax(at)tfm.uni-frankfurt(dot)de) und Vinzenz Hediger (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt)

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