City Making in the Digital Age


Eager to showcase themselves as innovative and future ready, cities worldwide are implementing a variety of new technologies intended to make city life more efficient, convenient and sustainable. This development, often framed as the “Smart City”, has the potential to transform local governance, because vast data collection might better inform governmental decisions. Many cities also partner with private companies in their quest to become “smart”, hoping to capitalise on outside tech knowledge to make up for a lack of in-house expertise. At the same time, digital platforms are transforming how space is used in the city. The digitalisation of large parts of city infrastructure raises new questions of privacy, data governance and (digital) design that have historically not been part of city planning, architecture and local governance: How can technology meaningfully improve citizens’ lives? What responsibilities does a smart city have towards its residents? Who are the City Makers of the digital age?

This event is part of the digital macht stadt series, which aims to bridge the gap between data and privacy experts, urbanists, architects, city makers, civil society and governance. It will facilitate a transdisciplinary dialogue that investigates developments at the intersection of cities and digital technology: The future of urban mobility and public space, new forms of space utilisation in the digital society, circular city, climate adaptation, and healthy cities.

The City Lab series is a cooperation between Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG) and Hybrid Space Lab. The “City Making in the Digital Age“ event is supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Berlin

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