Communities of Evaluating

Workshop in der Universität Hamburg

Join us for another exciting workshop on practices and socio-technical infrastructures of rating, ranking and reviewing at the University of Hamburg.

With Keynotes by Ingrid Jeacle / Chris Carter (Edinburgh) and Caroline Gerlitz (Siegen).

The event is organized by SP 3 Smartphone Communities (PI: Isabell Otto) and SP 4 Tourism 2.0 (PI: Urs Stäheli).

Valuating and evaluating are ubiquitous social practices that have been increasingly analyzed as powerful processes in various social fields (Kjellberg et al. 2013; Lamont 2012). However, practices of evaluating, reviewing, rating and ranking cannot be seen as isolated interactions between a single user and the respective evaluation tool. Rather they are embedded in particular socio-technical arrangements that might include various (human and non-human) actors and can be understood as “communities of evaluating”.

The workshop sets off in the evening of December 14, 6pm with two public keynotes:

Ingrid Jeacle/Chris Carter (Edinburgh)
Rankings, League Tables and User Reviews: The Apparatus of Evaluation and Assurance in Contemporary Life

Caroline Gerlitz (Siegen)
Enacting Multivalence? Infrastructuring Evaluation in Social Media Platforms

Where: Main Building University of Hamburg, Edmund-Siemers-Allee 1, Hörsaal M

For more information follow the Link. For further information see here (PDF) as well.