Cultural Transmission and Social Norms - CTSN

Interdisciplinary Workshop for Researchers Focusing on Cultural Transmission and Social Norms

CTSN is an interdisciplinary workshop for researchers focusing on cultural transmission and social norms, at both macro level (cultural differences, historical change, cultural evolution) and micro level (experimental work, psychology of norms, social contexts). Participants come from a broad range of disciplines including economics, history, sociology and psychology. Our goal is to make researchers aware of each others’ work and to encourage cross-fertilization of ideas.


We are pleased to announce the fourth Cultural Transmission and Social Norms workshop (CTSN4), to be held at the Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods in Bonn on April 2-4, 2020.

Initially founded as a Max Planck institute that investigates the provision of collective goods, the ­institute has developed into an international hub that focuses in its research mainly on applied economics and on behavioral law. Moreover, the institute hosts three independent research groups on “moral courage”, “economic cognition”, and “mechanisms of normative change”. The set of researchers from various disciplines, such as economics, law, psychology, and sociology, constitutes a truly interdisciplinary environment that facilitates a cross-fertilization of ideas. The institute’s research expertise covers a wide range of subjects, including the formation of economic preferences, team decision-making, the analysis of credence goods markets, the definition of normative problems that call for legal intervention, the effects of legal interventions, rule generation and rule application, the psychological processes of bystander interventions against norm violations, the cognitive and affective processes leading to choices, and reasoning about social norms.


This year, to encourage emerging scholars in the field, we will hold a poster + short presentation session for selected applicants. If you would like to submit a poster/presentation, please send an email to ctsn(at)coll.mpg(dot)de with your name and affiliation, and either an extended abstract (1-2 pages), a full paper, or the poster itself. The deadline for submissions is 31 January 2020. The fee for submitted participants is 100 EUR, which includes participation in the conference dinner.

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