Greek-German Relations During the Military Dictatorship in Greece (1967-1974)

Online Conference from October 6-7, 2020.

As final part of a successful Greek-German exhibition about the resistance against the Greek military junta 1967-1974, the Contemporary Social History Archives (ASKI), Greece, and the Archive of social Democracy in Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (AdsD in FES), Germany, are co- organizing a digital two-day conference (6-7 October 2020) with the working title:

“Greek-German relations during the military dictatorship in Greece (1967-1974)”.

The resistance against the military junta from 1967 to 1974 was a largely unknown aspect of German-Greek history at the beginning of the exhibition series. The German-Greek Exhibition (GGE) convincingly illustrates the need for cross-party and cross-stakeholder cooperation on existential issues such as the preservation of democracy and the rule of law. The GGE is thus setting an example against the nationalist and populist tendencies that are currently gaining strength in Europe.

At historical sites, in museums and memorials, in youth education centers and schools in Germany and Greece, it gave Germans and Greeks the opportunity to (again) become aware of the devastating effects of inhuman regimes and to demonstrate the relevance of active resistance. Hence, the GGE sees itself as a contribution to the further improvement of German-Greek relations.

In the course of the 16 exhibitions held in both countries, it became clear that Germans and Greeks have a keen interest in written material on the exhibition topic as well as scientific exchange about key historical events in German-Greek history.

Therefore, the conference aims to focus on the interplay between the anti-dictatorship movement in Europe and the social and political realities in Greece during the seven-year period of the military dictatorship. The goal of the conference is to enhance research on the broader issue of Greek-German relations in the postwar era and create a space of dialogue and exchange between researchers working on particular aspects of this story.

Due to the current situation regarding the coronavirus covid-19, the conference will be held online via Zoom.

Looking forward to your participation.

Dr. Ursula Bitzegeio
Head of Unit, Public History, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

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