Reframing Mass Violence in Europe and the Americas. The Holocaust & Global Memory Constellations

Transatlantic Summer Institute – Graduate Student Fellowship Program, University of Bayreuth

This Summer Institute’s objective is to explore the particular developments and transnational entanglements of memory discourses in societies revisiting their legacies of large-scale political violence. This entails processes of re-inter­pretation, renaming and reframing of a) the atrocities themselves and b) the (often questioned) transitional justice mechanisms that were adopted in their aftermaths. We place special emphasis on the analyses of practices, rituals and social events that help creating, supporting and disseminating social memories related to mass violence.  

We look forward to assembling a group of emerging scholars who bring interdisciplinary commitments and concerns to their work, and who are interested in sharing their work with their peers internationally.

Cf. the complete Call for Papers (until March 11, 2016)