Solidarity in Open Societies

International and Interdisciplinary Conference in Munich

Solidarity is a pivotal concept of applied ethics. Be it the labor movement, the organization of welfare systems, or the integration and social inclusion of migrants, the call for solidarity is unequivocal. A lack of solidarity is generally taken as an equivalent for anti-social attitudes and unjust economic structures. This preeminent value of solidarity in applied ethics notwithstanding, the content and the normative status of solidarity are highly controversial in theory. One branch of the literature stresses the integrative function of solidarity. Here, solidarity is perceived as indispensable for the social cohesion of society. On the other hand, liberal scholars criticize the collectivist attitude of the solidarity principle and the social exclusion of those who do not adhere to common basic beliefs. In this respect, solidarity constitutes a specific mode of forced unity and limited individual liberties that paves the path to what Popper called a “closed society” Solidarity in Open Societies.

Keynote Speakers: Thomas Pogge (Yale University), Vittorio Hösle (University of Notre Dame), Thomas Kohler (Boston College)

CfP (15. Mai)

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