Technology – Power – Violence. Günther Anders and Politics / the Political

Interdisciplinary Conference in Freiburg

It has long been suspected that the central question of the role of technology in modern society cannot simply be reduced to the problem of its correct and false application. In this respect Günther Anders (1902‐1992) occupied a radical perspective. Early on he expressed his misgivings that technology could no longer be tamed by controlled usage and was gradually changing people into an antiquated creation. His hypothesis seemed too extreme in a post‐war world that was optimistic about progress: with the invention of the machine, technology became the all dominating social and political force, “the subject of history”.

Although the name of Anders now appears with increasing frequency, above all in technology and media theory, the political/politics remains an as yet underexplored aspect. That will be the focus of this interdisciplinary academic conference under the title Technology – Power – Violence. We are looking for contributions that deal with Günther Anders’ political understanding, his conception of power, control and alienation in the „Weltzustand Technik“, the specific subject character of technology (and its relation to the economic sphere), as well as Anders’ considerations on different forms of protest and his appeal for violent opposition to the nuclear industry.

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