The Role of the Future in Economic and Political Sociology: Between Stabilizing Expectations and Extending Crises

Joint PhD Seminar of Sciences Po and the MPIfG

This seminar explores the recent interest in the future in the social sciences. Recent work in economic sociology has brought out the importance of actors’ expectations, showing the influence of narratives and fictions on future developments as ways of embedding economic activity in stories and images of envisioned future capitalist development. Other strands of literature in economic geography, anthropology, and history have pinpointed the origins and use of tools of future crafting, such as forecasts and scenarios, as instruments of market making and as contributors to the crafting of economic interests over time. The seminar aims to familiarize PhD students with this emerging research agenda.

Instructors: Jenny Andersson (MaxPo/Sciences Po), Jens Beckert (MPIfG), Marcin Serafin (Max Planck Partner Group Warsaw.

Application is required.

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