The UK Election of 2019 and the Possible Break-Up of the Country

Lecture given by Iain McLean at the Centre for British Studies, Humboldt-University Berlin

In the 2016 referendum the votes in Scotland and Northern Ireland gave a majority to 'Remain'; those in England and Wales gave amajority to 'Leave'. This inherent tension escalated dramaticallywith the 2019 general election results. The lecture assesses thelikelihood of either Irish unification, or Scottish independence,or both, occurring in the foreseeable future.

Iain McLean is Professor of Politics, Oxford University, and aFellow of Nuffield College. He has long specialised in the politicsof localism and devolution in the UK. He is a Fellow of the BritishAcademy (chair of its Politics section) and of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. His publications on this subject include State of theUnion with Alistair McMillan; The Fiscal Crisis of the UK; andScotland's Choices with Jim Gallagher and Guy Lodge. Everyone is welcome to attend

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