Towards Zero Violence? The Decline of Violence Thesis

BSA Violence and Society Study Group Symposium at Lancaster University


Prof Manuel Eisner (Cambridge Institute of Criminology)

Prof Siniša Malešević (University College Dublin)

Prof Larry Ray (University of Kent)

Prof Sylvia Walby (Lancaster University)


Coffee and welcome Sylvia Walby


Larry Ray: ‘Theorizing the decline of violence through Elias and Pinker’

Manuel Eisner: ‘From Swords to Words - What Processes Predict the Long-Term Decline in Homicide across Europe?’


Siniša Malešević: 'The Rise and Rise of Organised Violence?: The Pinker Thesis and Historical Sociology'

Sylvia Walby: The increase in violent crime made visible using new methods: Implications for the theorization of violence as gendered’

Concluding panel discussion: ‘The futures of violence’

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