Welfare and Unemployment Dynamics

International Workshop of the Institute for Employment Research in Nuremberg, Germany

Aims and Topics

Long-term unemployment and welfare benefit receipt are distinct problems that have troubled many European welfare states with effects not only on the individuals (e.g. decline of human capital, health problems, poverty and social exclusion) but on societies as a whole (e.g. social cohesion, financial sustainability of social protection). This workshop aims to improve the knowledge on welfare and unemployment dynamics under different institutional settings. Potential questions that the workshop intends to answer are:

  • Unemployment and welfare dynamics: How long do individuals stay unemployed and on welfare? Which paths through the welfare system can be observed?
  • Determinants of welfare/unemployment duration: Which institutional, household or individual factors shape the duration of unemployment/welfare receipt? What is the role of genuine state or duration dependence?
  • Welfare dependence and employment: What are the routes through which the long-term unemployed leave welfare? What is the role of atypical or low-paid employment?
  • Welfare dependence and the labour market: How does welfare dependence change over the business cycle? What is the role of aggregate labour demand and mismatch?

Keynote Speakers

Prof. Samuel Bentolila, CEMFI, Madrid

Prof. Thomas Lorentzen, Department of Sociology, University of Bergen

8/9 November, 2018

Institute for Employment Research (IAB),
Regensburger Str. 100,
D-90478 Nuremberg,

Contact & Workshop Organizers:
Institute for Employment Research (IAB)
Research group “Basic Income Support and the Labour Market”

Call for Papers (PDF)