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The Times Literary Supplement No. 6256

Looking into the visitors’ book at a cemetery on the Somme, Adam Hochschild began his history of the First World War, To End All Wars, with the question, “Why does it bring a lump to the throat to see words like sleep, rest, sacrifice when my reason for being here is the belief that this war was needless folly and madness?”. One life story helps provide an answer.


American paranoia. How the First World War triggered a wave of xenophobia and a Red Scare
By Geoffrey Wheatcroft

Between shamans and scholars. Can museums of mankind be reinvented for the modern era?
By Felipe Fernández-Armesto

Catching the Condor. Bringing to trial the generals who disappeared their enemies
By Miranda France

Dressed for literary success? What women poets wore – and whether it matters
By Francesca Peacock

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