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Fatima Mernissi

Moroccan scholar and pioneer of Islamic feminism

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Samira Mahboub

Samira Mahboub is a gender scholar, performance artist and model traveling between Europe and the U.S. She received her Bachelor’s degree in sociology and psychology at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich and earned her interdisciplinary Master’s in Gender, Media and Culture at the London School of Economics. Her research focuses on questions around postcolonial theory, gender, sexuality, and affect theory. Her Master’s dissertation Unveiling Tensions: Resistance and the Unthinkability of the Muslim Hipster (‘Mipster’) explores the signification of the ‘mipster’ veil within the context of the United States. As part of an art duo working under the name SAMANIA, Samira Mahboub and her partner Ania Catherine create interdisciplinary work that is grounded in political and social critique around the subjects of gender, sexuality, and coloniality.